The Story of Pack’s

Locally owned and operated since opening the doors in April of 2010, Pack’s Tavern and “the Yellow Truck” have grown into a known staple in Asheville’s downtown scene. As natives of Asheville, Pack’s co-owners, Ross & Amanda Franklin and Tom & Whitney Israel alongside the late Stewart Coleman and his wife Gay have taken great pride in creating a place that brings back the old town feel and history of Asheville. Pack’s Tavern is proud to be housed in the historic Hayes and Hopson building in the middle of Pack Square Park. Built in 1907 and older than most of the more famous Asheville landmarks, The Hayes Hopson building has long served its community. It has served as a lumber supplier, an automotive supply company, and in more recent history, the renowned Bill Stanley’s Barbeque and Bluegrass.

But hidden behind steel doors in the basement lies a Hayes Hopson secret. These heavy doors open to a dark chamber that leads under South Spruce Street and once continued to adjacent buildings. The Hayes Hopson building has supplied lumber, auto parts, BBQ to Asheville but during the Prohibition years it supplied illegal liquor to local scofflaws (people who disobeyed the dry laws of the Volstead Act) via this underground passage.

The repeal of the Volstead Act in 1932 changed the laws in the early months of 1933 to allow the distribution and sale of alcohol. This new change made the Hayes Hopson building no longer needed for the vast distribution of the illegal whiskey through the Western North Carolina counties.   Therefore the building needed to change its purpose and became a popular automotive and appliance center.

Pack’s Tavern initiated restoration efforts in the summer of 2009. Much care was taken to expose the original brick, original tongue and groove ceiling and wood trusses, and to uncover the 100-year-old flooring. Today, you’ll find a tavern beautifully restored to Prohibition-Era grandeur.

Pack’s Tavern offers outstanding service, the best drinks in town, and a large eclectic menu of over 60 items; everything from signature salads to specialty burgers, from wonderful appetizers to wood-fired pizza and grinders in a friendly, hospitable atmosphere. All to be enjoyed in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Asheville’s newly renovated Pack Square Park.

What separates Pack’s Tavern from other establishments is our unique variety of craft beer. We recommend certain beer styles with food items on the menu so you can experience the remarkable compatibility of food and beer. We rotate more than 30 local, national, and international craft beers to offer the best selection available.

We have established partnerships with individual breweries and distributors that will allow us to debut new creations, feature limited quantity selections, and to make available the most sought after beers and breweries. We also offer carefully selected bottled beers that represent many styles and breweries around the world. Pack’s Tavern’s knowledgeable staff will introduce you to the fascinating world of craft beer and its inherent complement to a great meal.

Whether you’re stopping by for a quick soup and sandwich at lunch, meeting with friends for dinner and drinks before you head out to the theater for the evening, or celebrating a special occasion with your family, you’ll find that Pack’s Tavern has something for everyone. Enjoy that Carolina breeze and downtown Asheville’s Pack Square Park in our outdoor parkside seating. Now partially covered so weather is no problem!

Order take-out pizza and grinders and gather with neighbors in the park for Shindig on the Green or one of Asheville’s many wonderful festivals. At Pack’s Tavern, you’ll experience the restored beauty of a downtown landmark while enjoying the finest in craft beer and delicious food in an atmosphere that’s uniquely Asheville.